This is the Sealy Manufacture Comparison Chart put out by Sealy.

The same Sealy plant makes mattresses for several retailers and the only change made is the design on the cover which constitutes another model name, thus not allowing you to compare apples-to-apples. When in reality the guts of the mattresses are exactly the same. Case in point, if that weren't the case then why does Sealy put out this comparison chart that I have revealed to you. It's a well guarded secret privy only to the industry until now, because I've exposed the little secret that is by design to take you out of the ability to price shop apples-to-apples between retailers. I can guarantee you when you go into Macy's and tell them that you saw the very same mattress at Sears they will explain the difference in the cover, such as some elaborate upgrade to make it sleep cooler. No folks, not true because it's the same ingredients in both covers just a different ticking and or design. Made to look fancier because, afterall you're in Macy's not Sears but (no pun intended) rest assured it is the very same mattress.
I have a longstanding in the industry and have made many friends along the way and I will continue my campaign to reveal truths be told as long as the industry hides these little secrets to take you out of the price comparison shopping market. So print this out and take it with you as you shop for the best sleep ever. 
Happy Shopping!
Sealy Manufacturer’s Mattress Comparison Chart